Why Google Forms is perfect for creating online surveys

While there are many web survey services that allow you to create online polls and surveys for free, there are several reasons why the spreadsheet-based form builder in Google Docs governs them all.

Reason 1. You can create an unlimited number of polls and surveys using Google Docs for free, and a virtually unlimited number of people can take these surveys through the web browser.

Reason 2. Google Forms is mobile-friendly, so users can submit responses from mobile phone browsers as well (perfect for conducting polls at a conference).

Reason 3. All votes and responses are automatically collected in an Excel spreadsheet, making it easier for you to analyze large datasets using charts and other complex spreadsheet functions.

Reason 4. You can choose to receive email notifications whenever people fill out a Google Docs form with their responses.

Reason 5. Forms in Google Docs support a wide range of question types, including scale and grid, which aren’t typically available in other web survey services (at least the free ones).

Reason 6. With Google Docs, you can prefill form fields. This is very handy if you want to pre-populate certain form fields with default choices or if you plan to integrate a Google Docs form with another system like the comments section of your site – if someone has filled their name and email address in the comments section, they do not need to refill this data in the Google Docs form.

Reason 7. Google Forms supports logical branching. It’s like serving a different set of questions to a user based on their previous answers.

Let me explain this with an example. Suppose you have created a survey for your site visitors that asks them whether they have upgraded to the latest operating system or not.

Since there is no need to ask Mac-related questions to a Windows user (and vice-versa), you can create different question sets for Mac and Windows-related questions and redirect visitors to the right set depending on the system. operating methods they use. Here’s how to do it in Google Docs forms.

Reason 8. Google Forms is also great for conducting internal surveys if you use Google Workspace in the organization. This is because Google Docs can automatically save the email addresses of people (your employees) who fill out the form. You can also conduct anonymous surveys in Google Apps.

Reason 9. Google Docs supports various functions like ImportXML, ImportHTML, etc. so that you can perform more complex processing with the submitted data. Additionally, Google Docs now supports Google Scripts that resemble Excel’s macros based on Visual Basic.

Reason 10. Google Forms supports file uploads so you can receive files from anyone directly into your Google Drive.

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Melvin G. Rodriguez