Online tools can help voters find polling stations


After two years of the coronavirus pandemic, some voters may be ready to physically return to the polls on Tuesday instead of voting by mail.

The Boone County Clerk’s Office has 42 spots ready for voters when they go to the polls tomorrow. Some of them might be different from old voter polling stations.

All voters can vote at the Boone County Government Center as the central polling place.

When voting tomorrow, voters can expect a similar experience to last time.

Boone County Clerk Brianna Lennon said, “We still have the plexiglass dividers that sit between judges and voters to make sure there’s social distancing.”

The Boone County Clerk’s Office says there have been no changes to polling locations in the past year, but encourages voters to look ahead to find out what their designated polling location is.

If you’re wrong, Lennon says, “Poll workers can tell you where your exact location is or you can look it up or you can call our office and we’ll tell you where to go.”

Voters who go to a polling place at 7 p.m. will still have the option of voting using a provisional ballot. This ballot will be evaluated to see if it is admissible or not.

When the county tallies the odds, the process is usually not done electronically.

“When voters put their ballot in the machine, the paper ballot is ready by the vote tabulator, and then all the results that are tabulated are saved to a USB drive,” Lennon said.

When the polls close, the county brings the thumb drive and ballot back to the Boone County Government Center and they are processed.

Lennon says, “They all went into our election software which is not connected to the internet, it’s all self contained.”

Ballots are still counted weeks after the election is over.

Lennon said: “Then we have this two-week post-election process where we actually do an audit of the paper ballots themselves and we manually count the subset of those ballots that are selected at randomly just to verify that they were compiled on election night is correct.”

To find your polling place in Boone County, voters can go to the county clerk’s website.

Cole County will have 28 polling places open on Tuesday.

To find your correct polling location in Cole County, go to the Clerk’s website.

Voters heading to the polls will need one key item to vote on Tuesday – a valid ID. Options include a Missouri driver’s license or driver’s license, US passport, military ID, or Boone County voter ID.

A key race on the ballot in Boone County is the Columbia mayoral race. There are five candidates on the ballot hoping to fill the post Mayor Brian Treece is leaving behind.

The Columbia Board of Education is also on the ballot. There are four candidates vying for the two open seats on the Columbia Board of Education: Suzette Waters, incumbent Blake Willoughby, Andrea Lisenby and Adam Matthew Burks.

The Jefferson City Board of Education also holds a hotly contested race. The contenders are Adam Gresham, Marc Ellinger, Anne Bloemke-Warren and Erika Leonard.

Jefferson City voters will decide whether to allow the city to raise millions of dollars through bonds to upgrade its sewer system. The bond issue is $44 million.

Polling stations will open at 6 a.m. Tuesday and close at 7 p.m.

Melvin G. Rodriguez