How to do free online surveys with Microsoft Excel

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Check How to Make Free Online Surveys with Microsoft Excel

Create a survey with a sharing link that stores results in a main spreadsheet so you can analyze your data at your leisure using Excel Online. The video above shows how to create a survey with OneDrive for Business, but you can also create a survey with your personal OneDrive. To respond to your survey, follow these steps:

How create a poll

I’ll walk you through the process of creating and submitting a survey step by step and give you an idea of ​​how the results are obtained. It’s almost impossible to keep up with software changes these days. Even frequent users of Excel, Outlook and Word are often unaware of new features that can save a lot of time and improve productivity. KnowledgeWave offers continuous training in a nutshell to help you and your team stay current. Access to the Excel survey tool can be found in two different places: by logging into your OneDrive account or by launching Microsoft Excel Online.

Create an Excel survey on OneDrive or start the Excel web app

  • Enter a name for your workbook.
  • In the Edit survey box, click on the text “Enter a title for your survey here” and enter the name of the title.
  • Click on the text “Enter a description for your survey here” if you want to add a description.
  • Change the title of your Excel survey

It’s time to add some questions. The survey I’m going to create is to help determine which Excel training session is best suited to the user’s current skill set.

  • Click the “Enter your first question here” box (this expands the Edit question box) and type your question, a caption if required, answer type, value required? and default response if needed.

If you forgot to include a question or want to move a question to another location in the form, you can simply do so using the drag and drop method. Questions can be created, edited, deleted or moved up or down at any time in edit mode in the survey.

  • After entering all your questions, it’s time to save and view your survey. Look for the Save and View button located at the bottom right of the Edit Survey area.
  • After previewing and making adjustments, click Share Survey. This provides a clickable link to email it.
  • To shorten the link, copy and paste it on a site like This provides a much cleaner and shorter link.
  • Paste the link into the body of an email and enter the recipient’s address. Use the Bcc field to not share everyone’s email address.
  • After completing the form, click Submit.

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