Free online tools help businesses get back to work

Organizations in Shanghai, especially small and medium enterprises, can access a set of free software and online tools to help them restart work and production while coping with the pandemic, the regulator said on Friday. of city industry.

A list released today includes 65 software and web solutions developed by more than 50 companies. According to the Shanghai Economy and Informatization Commission, they are all free.

They include remote work conferencing meeting tools, a WeChat mini-program to quickly view antigen test results, cloud solutions that help utility networks run more efficiently, and blockchain platforms. supply chain with information on relief providers and transportation methods.

Most software and tools are designed for businesses. These include technologies for networks, applications, supply chains, management and the cloud.

People can upload antigen test results to the government-approved Yiceda mini online software, for example. It is considered a mandatory document, along with PCR test results, for people to return to work. As of May 5, more than 12.6 million antigen test results have been uploaded to Yiceda and verified 1.54 billion times.

Qingpu District Power Company employees use the Eneplus Cloud platform to remotely monitor and analyze power generation equipment to prevent outages and out-of-control situations.

State-owned operators, listed companies and tech giants such as China Mobile, China Telecom, Huawei Cloud, Tencent, Langchao and Kingdee are among the companies offering free software and services on the list.

Melvin G. Rodriguez