City of Saskatoon sees expansion of GPS technology and online forms: report

The City of Saskatoon has released its 2021 Service, Savings and Sustainability Reportoutlining the city’s work on efficiency, cost reduction, improved services to residents and improved sustainability.

“The Triple S report is a long-standing report that the city has done to really begin to show what city staff have done in terms of savings and projects that are working to create a more sustainable future,” said the director of strategy and transformation. Celene Anger.

The report says the city has become more efficient by extending GPS technology from city-owned equipment to contractor snow removal equipment, adopting multi-year budgeting, moving appeal forms online and creating new hybrid meetings thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Over the past two years with the pandemic there have been a lot of protocol changes, so not only have staff had to do day-to-day service and maintenance, but they have had to change protocols as well. road while seeking to improve the way we provide customer service or make additional improvements or continue our continuous improvement initiatives in any area of ​​focus,” said Anger.

The report also included two civic surveys, which Anger said inform the city’s strategic planning process.

The survey found that residents believe the city needs to improve snow and ice road maintenance, main road and highway maintenance, traffic management, street maintenance, accessibility infrastructure for people with disabilities and planning for growth and development.

Residents say strengths include quality drinking water, reliability of electrical services, fire protection, police services, garbage collection, speed of water main breaks and repairs main activities, recycling and maintenance of municipal parks.

Melvin G. Rodriguez