9 Online Tools to Compare Files and Find Differences

It takes a lot of time to go through two documents side by side to find the changes. And there’s always a chance of something slipping through the cracks, especially when comparing code.

This is where file comparison tools come in handy. You can accurately compare large files with just one click. However, if you don’t want to install a comparison tool on your computer, here are nine online tools to compare files and find differences.

As the name suggests, Diffchecker is an online tool for checking the differences between two files. It allows you to compare texts, PDFs, spreadsheets and even images. Besides its online tool, Diffchecker offers desktop apps for Windows, Mac, and Linux.

With its clean user interface and multiple views, you can view line-by-line differences between text files. For images, it has a slider to zoom in to see the differences.

Diffchecker can also compare PDFs, as its OCR technology allows it to read scanned copies. Similarly, you can view cell-by-cell differences when comparing two worksheets, in XLS, XLSX, CSV, or other formats. Even better, it can merge the two files together.

While the free plan is enough for most, you can upgrade to the Pro plan to get advanced features and real-time difference reporting for $8 per month. If you want to install the Diffchecker desktop app, it costs $12 per month. But the desktop version also lets you compare entire folders.

DiffNow is an online diff finder tool for comparing different file types. You can enter text, upload different file types, and enter URLs to compare them. Even better, you can download entire folders as ZIP files for comparison.

DiffNow is quite customizable as you can change the way files are compared. For example, you can choose to ignore line breaks, white spaces, and case differences. Similarly, you can change the way the results are displayed. It can also compare Python, HTML, C, C++ and JavaScript codes.

The free account only gives you 20 comparisons per month. You can upgrade to a Premium account for $3 per month to get unlimited comparisons.

Copyleaks is a plagiarism checker at its core, but also has a text comparison tool. Using Copyleaks Text Compare, you can either paste the text, upload a file or enter the URL.

Perhaps the best thing about this tool is that you can compare more than two files together. Supported file types are HTML, TXT, PPT, Doc, PDF, etc. It supports multiple languages ​​and gives you a comparison report to download.

Since it is a plagiarism checker, the Copyleaks text comparison tool focuses on similar content rather than differences. It shows identical text, paraphrased content and minor edits. Therefore, if you are looking for a free online plagiarism checker, this can serve as one.

Global Vision is a company that provides automated quality inspection solutions to reduce errors. It also has a simple and free tool on its website to compare text.

Being a no-frills tool, it only allows you to find differences by typing or pasting text. There is no option to upload files or compare via URLs. However, it can provide real-time results and show differences by word or character.

Apart from this simple and free tool, Global Vision offers advanced software to compare text, files, images, etc. These feature-rich tools are designed for business, so it’s probably not for you. However, you can request a quote.

Aspose provides APIs to create, edit and convert different file formats in apps. However, it has dozens of free online tools on its website, including file comparison tools.

Aspose has separate comparison tools to check the differences between Word files, PDFs, PowerPoint slides, Excel sheets, and even emails.

You can view the differences in your browser or download the report as Docs, PDF and HTML files. Although these simple tools don’t offer a lot of features, they are all quite reliable and free.

Draftable lets you compare PDFs, Word files, and PowerPoint slides. The good thing is that you can compare files of different formats together. For example, it allows you to compare a PDF with a Word file.

Draftable displays differences in side-by-side view as well as single-page view. Plus, it creates a list of all the changes you can make quickly. The easy-to-navigate comparison screen makes it easy to keep track of all document changes.

Unlike most other tools, Draftable not only shows the difference in content, but also changes in fonts and text styles. You can download, print and share the comparison reports. It also has a desktop app which costs $129 per year.

Created by Data Design Group, the online text comparison tool is a simple and free file or text comparison tool.

Upload files or enter text and run the tool to view the differences.

The tool supports four types of comparison display: side-by-side, inline, markup 1, and markup 2. Being a simple tool, it can only compare text files. So, if you have Word or PDF documents, you should consider another tool.

As the name suggests, Code Compare is a free online tool for comparing source codes. Using this, you can compare text, XML, JSON, strings or binary files.

After pasting the code into the two columns, it displays a side-by-side comparison. Differences are marked in yellow in both columns. As you make changes, it updates the report in real time.

Code Compare allows you to push any line of code from one column to another. This feature helps you remove the differences and merge the two codes.

So, if you are looking for a tool to compare codes, Code Compare is a great option. But if you are a Notepad++ user, you can compare files directly in Notepad++.

Like Code Compare, Code Diff Tool is another tool to find differences between input texts, including codes.

Comparing two files is simple. Upload the content in both columns and the tool highlights the differences in green and red.

Code Diff Tool is great for those just looking for a basic tool that gets the job done.

Compare files with one click

Whether you need to view changes made to any document or want to find differences between codes, a file comparison tool can make your job easier. Through the sites mentioned above, you can compare files online.

However, in some professions, such as programming, writing, or law, you often need to compare files. In this case, it’s a good idea to consider desktop apps as they offer a lot more features and also work offline.

Melvin G. Rodriguez