5 free online tools for every student

Grammar is an interesting, colorful and vital part of learning a new language, but mastering it doesn’t happen overnight. Even experienced writers perform grammar checks. Now that we have online tools at your fingertips, improving your essay and homework grammar is easy, fast, and often free.

Importance of grammar checks for students

Whether mistaking “your” for “you are” or “literally” for “figuratively,” making repeated grammatical errors is bad news for any academic paper. Not only are these errors confusing, but they also distract from the points you are trying to get across. This is why performing a grammar check will make you a better communicator.

This is also why international students are asked to prove their language proficiency before starting university in an English-speaking country. The four pillars of IELTS – listening, reading, writing and speaking – are built on the foundation of grammar.

Online tools may not replace a teacher or editor, but they can help support your language learning. Source: Karoly Arvaï/AFP

“Integrating grammar instruction into the reviewing and editing process helps students make immediate applications, allowing them to see the relevance of grammar to their own writing,” says Professor Beverly Ann Chin from the University of Montana. Even effective English speakers need guidance to become effective writers, she says, and the secret lies in connecting spoken language to written language.

So if English is not your first language, grammar checker tools can go a long way in improving your writing and understanding of English grammar. Here are five free options for creating a bookmark.

With “grammar” in the name, you might have guessed that this is one of the best checkers online. Grammarly not only comprehensively flags grammar and spelling errors, it also lets you know when your punctuation is wrong. Did you use the wrong word for a certain context? He’ll catch that too. It is available as a browser extension, which is seamless and useful for new college students.

Ginger promises human-level review for your academic papers. It also promises to get to the heart of the matter that other services often overlook, whether it’s tense confusions or subject-verb disagreements. Check out the suggestions to improve faster and avoid making the same mistakes again in the future.

grammar check

Make your homework perfect by doing it first with a grammar checker. Credit: Ethan Miller/Getty Images/AFP

Quillbot touts the ability of its AI-powered writing tool to not only check grammar, but also offer paraphrase and summary suggestions. The result? A three-in-one tool that “learns as you check and fix”. Its user-friendly interface is simple and seamless, offering help without distracting you.

Most universities outside of North America use British English, but it’s not that different from American English. The main differences are in spelling and slang. If your British English essays require expert-level grammar checks, try EasyBib, which is programmed to detect over 200 types of linguistic errors. It also has a plagiarism check feature – another important tool to help you create A+ essays.

If you’re looking for a hassle-free check, here’s where you can find it. GrammarCheck helps you take your essays to a more professional level by making them “clear, error-free and easy to understand”. It’s used by companies like Twitter, Zoom, and Discovery, so you know it’s industry-approved.

Melvin G. Rodriguez